Find Pre-Owned Electronics in Edmonton

Whether you're looking to buy or sell electronics in Edmonton, you'll find a wide selection of used TVs, game systems and digital cameras at Gold ‘n Loan Pawn Shop. Give us a call for more information or stop by to browse through our extensive offering.


Get an additional TV for your bedroom or sell the one you never watch anymore. You can depend on us for cash when you need it the most.


If you own a DVD collection, but you switched to other systems, give us a call. We buy and sell movies and music in this format.


Shop for rare finds and limited editions of your favourite movies at unbelievable prices. Our selection is ever-changing, so make sure you visit often.


Find a new or used stereo system or audio car equipment at Gold ‘n Loan Pawn Shop in Edmonton. We'll help you shop for incredible sound quality at fantastic prices.

Digital Cameras

Get into photography without spending a fortune on your first camera. Choose from our assortment of digital cameras, from manufacturers such as:

  • Olympus
  • Nikon
  • Fuji
  • Sony
  • Panasonic
  • Canon

Cell Phones

If you're upgrading or looking for a simple phone for a pre-paid card, you'll find a variety of models to choose from at our pawn shop. Whether you're buying or selling, you'll love our prices!


Enjoy the convenience of a tablet without breaking the bank. Buy a previously owned, name-brand device or bring in the one you don't use anymore and earn some cash.


Buying a laptop second-hand means low prices and often great quality. At Gold ‘n Loan Pawn Shop, we will help you find best deals on the following brands:

  • Lenovo
  • Acer
  • Dell
  • LG Electronics
  • HP
  • Toshiba
  • Apple MacBook

Game Systems

We carry all current gaming systems, games and accessories. Pay a fraction retail price..

In addition to electronics, we buy and sell sports gear, power tools, musical instruments and other goods.

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